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Thursday, April 21

Can I say "Blow me" in a blog?

Got off to a rough start with the first post yesterday.

But honestly, is HTML the best we can do? Every other area of technology is outstripping itself on a daily basis, and we’re still using this? This derivation of some ancient Greek language? The only viable explanation is that it’s kept difficult on purpose so only a select few highly trained people will be able to do it. The programmers of the world have united and vowed to not let the common man design his own website. It’s like the legal profession (for which I work) – they make it as confusing and as ridiculously complicated as possible in order to keep highly paid lawyers in business. If I were a more dedicated man, I would do something about this.

Instead, I’m going to go check the yahoo headlines. My favorite part of the day. More to come later on this and other important issues – like Pope Benedict! (Am I the only one who thinks of Andy Garcia’s character in Oceans Eleven every time I hear the name Benedict? Makes for an interesting religious experience.)


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