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Tuesday, May 31

- I had a satisfying day of being mind-numbingly unproductive. There has been an empty yogurt container sitting upside down next to the garbage can since 11:00 this morning as a testament to that.

- What little energy I did have today was spent arguing with the people at over an expired promotion code. A sales assistant and I sent four emails back and forth to each other before I realized that I was arguing with a woman about getting a free sample kit probably filled with eye shadow and lip balm. Actually, that’s a lie, I realized that after the second email but still sent two more because at least doing that gave off the appearance of work.

- The Girlfriend was told over the weekend by a trainer at the gym that she has a resting heart rate of 66. She tells everyone she knows that this is indicative of her superior cardiovascular conditioning. I say it’s because she is in a constant state of nearly asleep, proven by the fact that she can fall asleep anywhere in under 5 minutes.

- Most Popular Headline Of The Day: Bush Calls Human Rights Report 'Absurd': Cites large, difficult words as the cause of absurdity. - I somehow forgot to wear a belt today. And when I got into work this morning my fly was unzipped. It's a wonder I got my pants on at all today.


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