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Friday, May 27

Season Finales: Day 2

First – I stumbled across this guy’s blog, and it’s nuts. Absolutely nuts. Read the entry entitled “Pain.” Promise me, all seven of my readers, most of whom I speak to on a daily basis, if I ever sound remotely like this person in my blog, stage an intervention immediately. And if you can, try to make it on that show “Intervention” on A&E. You don’t win any prizes or anything, but it’s always fun to be on TV, as my two friends found out last year.

Now, I think it’s finally time to get to my “Lost” season finale review. I’ve had time to let it sink in, and I think I’m ready to talk about it now.

At first, I wasn’t happy with it. Like sex without cuddling, it left my pleased but wanting more. There was just enough to get the job done, to tie up some lose ends and to open some new doors, and create more than enough suspense for next season. But it was far from perfect. Here are the pros and cons:


- It was humorous. The school teacher talking to Hurley about how “there are 40 people on the island and all everyone cares about is their little clic ” is awesome self-commentary on the producer’s part. And of course the obligatory comment about Hurley not losing weight (since even time I talk to my mom about the show she says, “And when is Hurley going to start losing weight!” . . . because that’s the most unbelievable part of the show…). Then the school teacher blows up and no one cares. Great way to drive his ironic point home.

- Good flashbacks. It’s one of the best parts of the show to see the snippets of the characters’ lives before they were on the island. In particular, seeing Jin confronted at the airport by his father-in-law’s mid-western American, mandarin speaking mafia goon and Locke’s ordeal with getting on the airplane.

- Great montage at the end showing all the characters boarding and seated on the plane, them gathering together anonymously after watching them interact on the island for an entire season. Nice way to wrap up – going from the initial crash scene in the first episode to the boarding scene in the last episode.


- Way too long. Not that I mind long shows, but it could have housed the same important content in a much shorter episode for a more intense and riveting episode. Way too much time was spent on filler material – people walking through the woods, the group navigating the boat, Charlie and Siad running after the French woman, etc. I like story-telling best when it stays crucial to the plot. Too often this felt like a one-hour episode stretched into a two-hour episode.

- Not enough resolution. Cliffhangers are great. No doubt about it. I don’t want everything told to me (which was another complaint I heard about season finale of “Desperate Housewives”). The raft plot-line was solid. You’re left with that “I can’t imagine how they’re going to get our of that” feeling, which is the foundation of every good cliffhanger. But the hatch plotline, basically what the show has centered around for the past 5 weeks, was downright disappointing. Either make what’s in the hatch more exciting or don’t make it so central to the show. A ladder? I would have been more satisfied if they had found a time capsule from a 1970 high school graduation.

Will I watch it next season? Absolutely. Is it still my favorite show on television? Ask me after “Nip/Tuck” starts this year. (Now THAT was a season finale. I still have it tivo’d from last year so I can watch it again before the first episode this season. 6/22 on FX. Watch it.)

Should I go for three posts in one day? Sure, I think I will. I worked out this morning – I can do anything.


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