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Monday, June 13

Birthday Miracles

Shoutout of the week; nay, SHOUTOUT OF THE YEAR goes to Jonah Matranga, lead singer of the band Onelinedrawing. Over the weekend, I went out to Long Island for my little sister’s 15th birthday party. She is a connoisseur of music with abilities that far exceed her limited experience, and one of her favorite bands for the past couple of years has been Onelinedrawing, with its lead singer Jonah Matranga being one of her music idols.

So I can’t really say what Jonah has to do with my sister’s birthday present because the present hasn’t actually arrived yet. But it being late turned out to be a ridiculously fortunate turn of events, because Jonah himself called (on the phone) my little sister on Saturday, right in the middle of her birthday party, to let her know that she had a present coming in the mail – something that “he and I had been working on.” It was the closest I’ve ever seen a 15 year old come to having a heart attack. (I wasn’t this surprised when I found out that The Righteous Brothers were white.)

After she finally calmed down, Jonah stayed on the phone for her for a solid 15 minutes, chatting about anything and everything. Just a great guy. Check out his website and download a few of his songs. My personal favorite is “Stay.” If you like Pete Yorn, it’s better than any of his songs.

Other than that the party was the usual mix of food, drink and fanfare. Other highlights include:

- The Girlfriend looking at a plate of assorted chocolates and asking, “Which one do you think is the healthiest?”

- My mom commenting on forgetting a whole platter of eggplant parmigiana in the refrigerator: “You know what? Screw it.”

- My older sister and I buying my father a two pairs of sandals (one size 11 and one size 12) so when we gave him the size 11’s and they didn’t fit I could say, “Let me see if I have your size in the back.” (My mom got a real kick out of that one.)

- Me being asked to cut the London Broil because my father was busy, and at least three family members family commenting, “Wow Dan, you’re cutting the steak?” as though I only had one hand.

Nothing can top my little sister’s face when she got off the phone with Jonah though. Now the only problem is she’s got at least 70 birthdays left and I don’t think I can do much better. Unless anyone knows the entire cast of the O.C.


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