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Friday, June 10

This morning I get to the 77th street station right as the train is rolling in. I swipe my monthly metrocard – “insufficient fare.” Undaunted, I turn the metrocard machine. The train is literally rolling at this point. It’s halfway in the station. I start punching things in. I’m in the zone. I’m like The Wiz in front of Super Mario Brothers (the kid knew where the one-ups were and it was the first time he was playing it!). I pay with my credit card, pull out the metrocard, swipe and make it on the train with a solid two seconds to spare. When I looked back through the closing doors at the booth attendant, even through the dirty Plexiglas window I could see the proud tear in her eye.

Just to recount, that’s: train halfway in the station, try to swipe expired card, purchase metrocard at vending machine with credit card, manage to make it comfortably on the train. Next time I may even get a receipt.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m almost at 1000 hits for my blog. Granted, The Girlfriend has already admitted to accounting for almost 500 of them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom accounted for at least 150, partly due to the fact that on her favorites list I’m right below; regardless, it’s monumental. So, even though I have no way of tracking these things, I’m going to give away a prize person who is the thousandth hit at The Daily Dump. Your prize will most likely be something awful and will probably get lost in the mail, but you’ll never win if you don’t try.

This is also my ploy to get more people to comment on my blog. I know it’s stupid that you have to sign up with Blogger just to make a comment, but it takes all of two minutes to go through the process of making an account. If you love me, if you love freedom and democracy, you should do it. The person who posts a comment closest to hit 1000 wins.

I’m listening to Sirius radio online at work and this song just came on. It makes my friggin day every time I hear it.

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