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Friday, July 29

And Now I'm Back Again

Back again and finally being productive. In the last hour I’ve: 1) smoothed things over with The Girlfriend concerning the “Becker” incident (nothing a Jamba Juice couldn’t fix); 2) washed all the dishes in my sink; and 3) poured myself a glass of iced tea – which isn’t so much a chore as a refreshing beverage, which has provided me with my first “thing that’s better about the office”: air conditioning.

But I digress. Time to get back to my “work” and start posting New Orleans pictures. And then, eventually, get to those two phone calls I needed to make for my actual job. The one that, for some reason beyond all economically responsible logic, pays me money.

The real question is: how much work can I get done with “MacGyver on in the background? Hopefully it’s one of the eposides where he just gets a kid off drugs or saves a national park from polluters; because once he starts building things, I can’t tear myself away.


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