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Thursday, July 7

Can't Ignore It

Obviously it’s one of those days when a humorous approach just doesn’t cut it. Even Yahoo’s most popular stories are dominated by the articles on the bombings (although the “most emailed pictures” remains a safe-haven for the absurd”).

I don’t like to get political, mostly because I prefer to discuss things that I fully understand, or at least can make pretend I fully understand, and politics has so many big words and niche terminology that it’s not easy to learn or fake. But it’s my blog and I can write what I want. When you start your own blog, you can make up things and pass them along as facts too.

I feel bad for Tony Blair. Much like the episode of MacGyver I was watching last night, where a crack addict gets his friend in trouble with his dealer when the friend was only trying to help him get clean, the U.S. really got Tony in a bit of a jam here by starting a war and asking for help. My friend James put it best, saying that Blair is “the kid that got in trouble for hanging out with the wrong crowd.”

“Let’s get everyone together, let’s feed some starving nations and clean up our dirty atmosphere, come on, we’ll meet at my place.” And then his place gets ambushed.

During his news conference, you could tell that he was shaken up. No calls to bring out the fight in everyone and let the terrorists “bring it on” because we’re ready; mostly just sadness, an emotion I appreciate in a leader even more than I appreciate steely resolve and a willingness to fight to the end. Because it shows that Tony understands that magnitude of what’s going on here.

Maybe there’s something noble and important in looking at the big picture and envisioning a peaceful future after the smoke clears, when we can look back at statistics instead of being faced with news. And maybe it takes a tough individual who isn’t afraid to lead people reluctantly down a tough path to make history when it needs to be made.

But maybe, also, the tough path is really a dead end, and not just the forty people on their way to work, but everyone you took with you down the path turns out to be an innocent victim.

Quote of the Day (to Lighten Things Up)
“I’ve never taught anything on a professional level. Teaching is for those who want others to learn, and I'm all about keeping those around me less informed.”
– Matt, when confronted with the fact that three out of our six close friends have been “teachers”


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