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Friday, July 29

The Great Work-From-Home Experiment

Reason #146 why it’s good to work in a small business: When all three of your bosses are going to be away on Friday, they just close up shop.

Meaning that I am home today, free to do nothing of any real significance from my couch instead of from an uncomfortable desk chair. The Girlfriend has lent me her laptop for the day because, fung shui novice that I am, my desktop computer faces away from the television. And my back to the TV is no way to spend a Friday off.

I’ve decided to conduct an experiment today: The “what would it be like to work from home?” experiment. I have precisely two things to get done for actual work work, both of which require me to make phone calls that will last between two and four minutes, total. Haven’t started that yet. Otherwise, I plan on posting a lot. My goal is to post all the pictures fit to be seen by people I don’t know, along with witty, hilarious accompanying textual reference.

Also, I plan on posting updates as to what other tantalizing things I do over the course of the day. Such as: I just woke up about 15 minutes ago and turned on the TV to find an Elvis Presley movie called Clambake on. Sure enough, five minutes after in he breaks into a song as eight surfer/gypsy girls dance out of various doors to help Elvis finish sanding down and priming his speedboat. One line of the song is:

You get the sandpaper / You get the pails / You get the hammer baby / You get the nails / You get the paint / you get the brush / Sweetie gonna give it that special touch.

And another:

Glaxonyanitomic phosphate, it’s the latest scoop / But that’s alright girls, you can call it goop.

Then, after dancing around the boat, they’re done and Elvis lines up the girls and kisses each of them, one of which, I have to say, is extremely hot for 1967.

I think I need coffee if I’m going to continue watching this. More to come after breakfast.


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