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Friday, July 29

Hold On . . .

So Ted Hanson's show "Becker" is on right after Dawson's Creek. Inevitably, I accidentially watched the first few minutes. To my shock and dismay, there were actually not one, but TWO funny jokes. And how come no one told me the guy from Swingers was in this? Not that that really makes a difference, but I was kind of wondeing what happened to him.

OK, I wasn't really wondering what happened to him, but I'm just looking for an excuse to keep on typing so I have an excuse to leave this show on in the background. Is is possible I like "Becker?" There's even two hot girls in the show. I'm in trouble.

Goddamn you, Ted Danson. Goddamn you.


Isn't Becker the one with the blind guy in the diner? Yeah, i think it is...I just realized I have lots of important things to do, so I can't meet you for lunch. Or ever again.

By Blogger T.G., at 12:39 PM  

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