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Friday, July 29

I Love Home. Home, Home, Home.

I’m loving this. 11:40, haven’t showered yet, and the options before me are this:

1. Do the dishes.
2. Clean the apartment.
3. Watch a movie.
4. Go up to the roof and lounge in a beach chair.

I’m reeeeally leaning towards the last option. As soon as I’m done watching this episode of “Dawson’s Creek.” It’s an episode from the last season, and I’m pretty confident that no one will argue the point that, of all the teen shows that ran just a little too long, “Dawson’s Creek” did it the best. Great new characters (Eddie the dim-witted barkeep who, much likes a pigeon, needs t constantly move his head in order to communicate; Natasha, the slut actress who breaks Dawson’s naïve heart; and Pacey’s asshole, so-yuppie-even-yuppies-hate-him boss in what can only be described as a Home Shopping Network stock brokerage firm.)

What’s more, years from now we’ll look back on this and think three things:

- Katie Holmes could have been something really great.
- Dawson not being cast as Scooby-Doo in the movie remakes is one of the cinematic tragedies of my lifetime.
- Pacey was more a more enviable character than both Zach Morris and Dylan McKay.

I have no doubt about any of these things. In fact, in light of watching this, I’m going to have to devote about 2000 words to this at some point, I don’t see how I can’t. (I will also start selling “It’s OK to like Dawson’s Creek” buttons through my website.)

A quick “work” update:

I’ve done nothing yet.

But I’m about to, I swear. In fact, I’ll post my first New Orleans picture. Right after I check my email and get a snack.


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