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Wednesday, July 27

Louisiana – The South of the South (Interrupted)

Well, I was planning on posting the second installment of The Trip To New Orleans In Four Parts last night, but instead I got drunk and couldn’t tear myself away from The Notebook.

I fully expect to lose some readers over this one.

The revised timetable for the second posting of The Trip To New Orleans In Four Parts will be: this afternoon. Unless I start mixing some mojitos and find Terms of Endearment on cable.

While I have you here, can I just vent a little about The Notebook? Cheesy romance movie, yes; but I defy you to start watching it and not finish watching it. It’s just engrossing enough to make you say, “I’ve invested this much time, why not finish?” Kind of like college.

Anyway, here’s my problem (other than the fact that I’m a 16 year old girl): In the annals of Hollywood, there are plenty of movies that follow the formula: girl and boy get together, girl and boy break up, girl starts dating someone new, boy begs and pleads and does everything possible to, eventually, win girl back. (I can’t think of any right now because I haven’t had coffee yet, but you know they are out there.)

BUT, how many movies do you see where the couple breaks up, the BOY meets someone new, and then the girl does anything and everything to win him back? Maybe, I can think of a few movies where the couple breaks up and then the girl tries to win the guy back, but I can’t think of any where the boy gets a new girlfriend, and then the girl has to win him back. IN FACT! the only movie I can think of where this scenario is even remotely hinted at is My Best Friend’s Wedding, and in the end it’s Julia Roberts who decides that she doesn’t need the old flame anymore and is emboldened in her feminine individuality and independence in her decision. And that movie needed a gay man to get by! AND, I STILL can’t watch that movie without getting Dermot Mulroney and Rupert Everett confused every time only one of them is on the screen. I mean, really, did the casting director NOT notice that they could be friggin twins?!

Sorry. I’m getting worked up about this. Anyway . . .

And you know why we have this formulaic inequality? Two reasons: 1. Because a guy breaking up with a girl makes him an asshole while a girl breaking up with a guy makes her smart; and, 2. The cinematic powers-that-be cater to a female romantic comedy audience, who want to be empowered by their feminine ability to keep men on emotional leashes.

For once, though, I would love to have a movie where the guy is the in the right, and he meets a new girl that is a great girl, and the old girl has to reexamine her priorities and her life and, in the end, stand outside his window and serenade him with “Power of Love” (only changing “I am the man who will fight…” to “I am the woman who will fight…” and choosing a song written after 1985 instead.)

Turns out I’m still drunk. I’ll be back later.


I am so drunk... and it's 12.15pm the day after the night that was. (well it certainly was something)

By Blogger Kate, at 8:14 PM  

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