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Sunday, July 10

What Time Is It? 4:30?

Things I learned tonight:

1. The Upper East Side is overrun with girls who are just a little bit overweight.

2. 2:00am is the new 400am.

3. Wine is good, but scotch is good.

4. Literally anything deep fried tastes good when drunk. Anything. Bread and fry a pencil for me, and it will taste good.

5. I love a good cab driver. I mean I downright love them. A cab driver that speeds up for yellow lights, takes all the right streets – I just want to be friends with them. Like having a friend who is a good singer, having a friend who is a good cab driver. No difference.

6. Advertising cereal as solely a breakfast food was a terrible idea. Cereal is one of the greatest snacks in the world. Cookie Crisp tried to get that message across, but chickened out. Cereal is going nowhere as a breakfast.

7. Why I’m not in bed right now is beyond me.


cab drivers...ah yes. exactly one week ago i had the pleasure to drive in a taxi again. i was very drunk indeed (and yes, when you are drunk everything simply tastes whatever it is).
i don't remember much of this ride, but what i remember was the fact that i had to tell the cab driver where to go and that he always turned off the car when we were standing at red traffic lights. and he had to fuel the car - he assured me that he would turn off the counter while doing so. and he really did. well, the important thing was that i got home and could sleep for about...uh...3 hours before i had to wake up again for work. and i woke up. i put sunglasses on and i didn't put them off the whole day. and on my way to work i was just hoping not to get stopped by the police as i was driving myself.

By Blogger daria, at 7:01 PM  

If a cab driver ever wanted to stop off somewhere while I was in the cab, I would probably get out at the nearest red light, leave the back door open and run in the opposite direction of traffic so he couldn't catch me. Not that I've done that...recently.

By Blogger the belligerent intellectual, at 8:56 PM  

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