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Wednesday, August 3

A Gmail Mystery

I was reading a funny blog the other day (which I won’t name here for fear that everyone will start reading his instead of mine) and I noticed that he had a gmail account for his blog set up as

I thought this was a pretty good idea. Not that I’m flooded with email, yet. Just wait until I break a huge media story (Chris and Gwyneth plan to name their next child Banana? The other girl from “Dawson’s Creek” starts dating Tom Cruise’s driver?) The emails will flow like wine in Napa.

One problem – someone already has the email address I couldn’t believe it when I saw the name wasn’t available. Who is this guy? Or girl?! I mean, I know that I am both mentally and socially a little “off” and that’s why the title “the daily dump” appeals to me, but what about this other person? Is it a constipated individual trying to think positive? A mediocrely attractive but way too clingy girl who can’t get a guy to take her on a second date? I had to know.

So I wrote them an email.

It read as follows:

I run a blog called "The Daily Dump" and, wanting to have an email address where my readers could write nice things to me, I tried to get from Google. Imagine my shock when I found out someone already had it! I wouldn’t exactly call it a common email address . . .

So what's your story with "the daily dump?"

The Other Daily Dump

No word back yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, I’ve settled for the following email address, which you can find in the margin to the write. I think it works on more than a few levels.

I welcome all types of emails: emails of praise, emails of encouragement and emails expressing feelings and ideas similar to mine.

Also, it smells like marinara sauce in my office. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just wondering why.


My husband uses gmail and swears by it. Sucker. Our house constantly smells like a taqueria, which is funny, because we dont eat that many tacos.

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