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Monday, August 8

Inappropriate Gestures and Carrot Peelers

– Often when I use the men’s room, there is a newspaper left on the floor in the stall. While it’s a nice gesture, does the person who left it there really expect the next person using the stall to come in, sit down, pick up the newspaper and start reading? There’s just no way. But I will say this: I have nothing against turning the page with my foot and reading it off the floor.

– The other night in my apartment, I was looking for a bottle opener in the utensil drawer in my kitchen. It’s a long drawer with one section neatly organized with a divider separating forks, spoons, butter knives, etc., and the half being a dangerous mixture of sharp knives of all shapes and sizes and other kitchen utensils with various jagged edges. So what happens? While sifting through the mess, I cut my hand on the carrot peeler. Most of the time I can’t even get the carrot peeler to peel a carrot. Oh, the irony.

– There’s a woman who works somewhere in my building who I always see hanging around outside my building. From the first time I saw her, I said to myself, “She’s the office whore.” And I believe it more and more every time I see her; probably because she’s always smoking.

– I’m only working three days this week, but if the next two days are half as painfully slow and boring as today was . . . I really have no way of finishing this pseudo-threat. I just hope it’s more fun tomorrow. Please. I’d settle for a fire drill at this point.

Quote of the Weekend:
“My bathing suit is more for show.”

The Girlfriend’s excuse as to why she wouldn’t come into the ocean with my sister and me.

– Final thoughts on Peter Jennings: I never watched the news, but I liked the guy. That’s got to say something.

– Speaking of cancer, according to a new study depression and fatigue don’t increase a person’s risk of getting cancer, and, in fact, fatigue may even lower a person’s chance of getting cancer. So I can’t overcook a hamburger on my barbecue, but it’s OK to be depressed and fatigued. Well, OK in terms of cancer. I’m sure it’s still not fun being depressed. But hey, maybe that’s something to be less depressed about – you may be sad all the time but you still have just an average chance of getting cancer. That’s something.


I need to know what a certain gesture means. . .seriously, if a young man twists his nipples in front of a woman, what does that mean?

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