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Thursday, August 4

Random Injustices

I get an email from my mom this morning that reads as follows:

I try to comment on the blog - I get the stupid message "This blog does not allow comments". HOW DO OTHER PEOPLE DO IT!!!!!!! Then I try the and my Microsoft editor comes up to reply, I write a thoughtful paragraph and it doesn't work. I give.

Needless to way, I was concerned. First the eBay fiasco (which I won, by the way; and when I told her I won I was met with a blaze “Oh good,” as a radical military leader might say to a soldier after being told that the soldier just finished wiping out a small civilian village) and now this. Clearly technology and my mother are at odds, and right now it stands:

Technology: 1
My mother: 0

As for my own private battles, it’s: 1 0

No word back from the email I sent, which led to this absurd exchange between me and my mother, where I think I the word "dump" was used more in a five minute span than in the past 2 months, at least:

Me: “So whoever the daily dump is at gmail, they never wrote back.”
Mom: “Maybe they just haven’t checked their email yet.”
Me: “You would think they checked it every day being the ‘daily’ dump. At this point, they’re just ‘the dump.’”

I’m not going to take this lying down. If I don’t hear back from them in a few more days, I’ll have to hatch a plan to rescue this email address from fading away into the ether like all other unwanted email addresses and all actors from sitcoms in the late 80’s.

In other news, did you hear about Martha Stewart violating the terms of her home confinement in order to go to a yoga class? First, she gets sentenced to a painful five months confined to her palatial estate in Bedford, with her staff waiting on her and the chance to go out for 48 hours a week to work. (In other words, for the past five months, during her house arrest, she’s been living my dream life, minus the 48 hours a week working.) And now she can’t stay at her mansion, pop in a yoga tape and “rough it” for a few weeks? Really?

But the law got her, and got her good. They’re making her stay home for another three weeks for the violation. Take that!

I’m calling this one:

Justice: 1
Martha Stewart: 0


Seriously!! And she doesnt have enough money to have someone come over and do yoga with her? Get one of those damn animals to do yoga with you!!

By Blogger mrsg, at 11:06 PM  

You forgot these:

Country of England: 1
You: 0

Massachusetts Highway System in cahoots with Dunkin' Donuts: 4
You: 0

Time Warner Cable: 317
You: 0

MTA: 1,347,639
You: 0

By Blogger T.G., at 3:47 PM  

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