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Tuesday, August 16

Weekend at Bernie's II: Still Dead

I just can’t get back into the swing of things here at work. I don’t know what the problem is. The only rational explanation is that, while spending last Thursday through Sunday at a beach house on Fire Island, I became too relaxed. I mean so relaxed that doing anything that is more strenuous than lying on the beach or mixing a mojito is beyond the pale.

So far today at work I have:

1. checked my email

2. went to the bathroom three times, hoping that I would come back with more energy (?)

3. had a cup of coffee, which I almost didn’t have because the milk in the refrigerator wasn’t open yet.

4. gave my boss a note about how I tried to call Dell to find out about a computer we ordered, but they wouldn’t talk to me because I wasn’t the name on the credit card. I never tried calling Dell.

And now it’s somehow almost 1:00 and I guess I should go buy lunch? I’m just in awe of the state I am in right now. I might even have a container of cereal and some Hostess cakes from the convenience store in the lobby just so I don’t have to go outside. (Speaking of, how does Hostess stay in business? I see their products everywhere, but I never see anyone eating them. Those fruit pies? Sno-balls? Ho-ho’s? Who’s eating these things?)

Maybe I’ll have more energy after lunch. Or maybe I’ll fall asleep at my desk with a the phone receiver against my ear so people think I’m on hold.


I'm with you. So far today I have read 50 pages of a novel and spent 4 hours searching apartment listings that I 1) can't afford and 2) don't care about since I'm not even considering moving until sometime in 2007. Oh and I also spent some time giving all my work to my assistant.

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