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Tuesday, October 11

Dan Hates Fall: Public Plans Lynching

I’ve moved my family to a secure location. I’ve also contacted the DA about getting a restraining order against my readers, but he gave me some story about how “it’s a blog, you idiot.” I don’t remember his exact words.

In any event, I’m sticking to my guns. Fall stinks. Unless you know where I live, in which case I love it.


I actually just got back from the Plastic Bracelet factory where I made hundreds of these in a nice Seasonal Orange:


Look for them on sale at your local Duane Reade starting tomorrow.

By Blogger tall 1, at 1:43 PM  

You sonofabitch! It's people like you that take away all the fun of fall. the beautiful leaves changing, the sound of the baseball bat. I'd like to take that baseball bat and...

Ok, I've calmed down. So, tell me, what is your favorite season? Don't tell me. Let me guess. It's summer. I see -- are you one of those sissy boy summer lovers? Like to see the little boys in their Gap shorts. You are a sicko!

By Blogger Neil, at 5:46 PM  

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