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Friday, October 21

It’s Like My Parents Got Divorced, And It Really Is My Fault

After a long phone call with my therapist and some consoling comments by The Girlfriend (“Way to go, Dan,” or, “Can you hand me that book? Be careful, don’t delete it”), I’ve decided to just leave things the way they are with Haloscan. Much like when a loved one gets murdered and you want revenge on the killer but revenge won’t bring your loved one back, so too switching back to Blogger won’t bring my comments back.

Plus there are some benefits to using Haloscan. For people who aren’t hosted by Blogger, but still want to include a link to their blog, they can do so rather easily. Also, no need to go completely anonymous all the time. You can comment as “Sam” or “Dad” or “I’m Not Wearing Any Underwear” or whatever you want. This should make things easier on my mom and sisters, each of whom has gone through about four Blogger user names after forgetting their log in information. Also, there are trackbacks. If someone could explain to me what a trackback is, that would be awesome.

The only other downside, besides it deleting all the comments resulting in a severe drinking binge last night, is that it doesn’t include pictures for bloggers either. So if you’re very attractive, make sure to say so in your comments from now on.

Other than that, thanks to everyone who has commented thus far. It was like the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life” when I saw them all. Oh, and as a tribute to all the fallen comments I am planning a “Best Of” post for all the old comments I received. Hopefully up by the end of the day. And if one of your comments is included, you win something. Like the knowledge that you’ve secured a place in my heart or that weird feeling that makes you say, “That dude likes me a little too much.” So good luck.


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