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Thursday, October 20


Call me Mr. Technology.

I saw this fancy “Haloscan” thing everywhere and decided to check it out. Turns out it’s free, which means I want it.

Turns out, when you click a few buttons it installs itself. How easy. How TRAGICALLY easy. Turns out, it also deletes all previous comments on your site in the process.


Luckily I do have all those comments saved in my email. So I can still print them out, tape them to my bedroom wall and read them before I fall asleep every night. In a way I guess that’s better than bringing my PC to bed with me like I do now.

And I thought I would like Haloscan. Until I found out that it doesn’t email you your comments like blogger does. I guess Haloscan doesn’t realize that those 5-8 emails per day are WHAT I LIVE FOR. So, Haloscan is short-lived on my site.

Now I have to find a way to get it back to normal. Should be fun for the guy whose first blog post was entitled HTML with the body reading “Blows.” In other words, any help would be appreciated.

And please start making comments because all of these zero are lowering my self-esteem by the second.


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