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Wednesday, November 23

She Was Trying To Cut And Paste

Crazy June: “This book Microsoft Word for Dummies is no good! It assumes you already know so much!”

Co-worker Standing Behind Me: “You mean things even a dummy would know?”

Me: (Silently staring at coffee.)

Crazy June: (Glazed look of oblivion on face.)


mmmmm.... glazed donuts and coffee,

By Blogger Kelly, at 11:53 AM  

lol. every office has one.

By Blogger Silent All These Years, at 1:58 PM  

poor, dumb crazy june. I suppose there's something to be said for being so dumb you don't even know you're being insulted. Although, with a name like Crazy June, maybe she's just used to it.

By Blogger Lizzie, at 2:41 PM  

It sounds like one of those times you wish you could video the situation for future reference.

Nice quick off the cuff humour.

By Blogger Kate, at 6:25 PM  

hm. i bet even your coffee was smarter than poor crazy june. or, at least more purposeful?

By Blogger Sub Girl, at 12:39 AM  

ha! ubiquitous occurrence in every office.

By Blogger missy, at 2:02 PM  

precious moments!

does not hallmark make a card for such occasions?

By Blogger Angelina, at 11:46 PM  

(Dan - long time reader, first time comment-er)

I once spent an hour of my life trying to explain the concept (and then later on the theory and use of) the copy and paste function.

All that came out of this "lesson" was a nifty nickname for now my least favorite co-worker: T-hag.

Not very productive, but I'd hate to admit the whole time was an entire waste.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:38 PM  

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