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Thursday, April 6

This Blog Writes Itself!

Every good blogger has a jury duty post. It’s almost too easy, like for the writers of “Will & Grace” around the Halloween parade. Unfortunately I don’t have one of these “notebook” computers, and while I maintain that my desktop is entirely portable (I’m a strong guy), I don’t think the guys with the metal detectors at the courthouse will be amused with me saying, “That? That’s my key chain. Oh, you mean the other thing? That’s my computer monitor.” So the post will have to wait until I get home.

In the meantime, may the spirit of justice imbibe me with more than just the urge to use complex words like “imbibe.” Let’s all hope together, because if we’ve learned anything from “Prison Break” it’s that the judicial system doesn’t always work, and neither does tattooing the prison blueprint on your body. Much like unprotected sex, that only seems like a good idea at the time.


wait, does this mean you won't be podcasting the trial? for god's sake, at least you'll be moblogging the sentencing? right? RIGHT?!?

if there's not a flickR set of the victims addressing the criminal, you and i don't know each other.

By Blogger ducklet, at 2:07 AM  

jury duty.. ugh. Have fun with that! :)

By Blogger Audrey, at 11:31 AM  

I thought you were going to make fun of Tom Cruise for deciding now would be a good time for him to announce he was abused by his father and thereby indirectly blaming his behavior on that trauma. But, you know, jury duty is good, too. It would even be better if they show "A Few Good Men" at the courthouse. But that would just be too good to be true.

By Blogger RetroDragon, at 1:41 PM  

Huh - somehow tattooing scenes of unprotected sex all over my body didn't even seem like a good idea at the time.

By Blogger shirley, at 3:17 PM  

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