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Thursday, July 27

Heads-Up To Girls In St. Louis With Low Self-Esteem Because They Were Fat But Now Are Thin And Have Trouble Believing They Are Pretty: Avoid Wal-Mart

[click to enlarge]

(You want better posts, tell my boss to stop giving me “work” to do.)


Gimme your boss' number.

By Blogger Cherry Ride, at 4:49 PM  

i don't get it.

me is stoopid.

is this saying former female fatties in st. louis have trouble believing they're pretty because they will be date raped when they meet a guy at the wal-mart?

and more importantly...why in the hell were you googling "date rape, walmart?"


By Blogger TALK!, at 4:55 PM  

It's funny because it plays off stereotypical social misconceptions about gender and class, as well as, on a deeper layer of humor, attacking a large corporate entity with a purely coincidential, though curious, coincidence. Just laugh and hope for the best.

By Blogger the belligerent intellectual, at 5:04 PM  

me so confused... must be the roofie in my slushie.

By Blogger MonkeyPants, at 5:07 PM  


By Blogger TALK!, at 5:07 PM  

Didn't you know that Wal-mart is responsible for the rape of an entire nation?

Not just fatties who Jenny Craiged and now eat roofies from bad boys in Wal-mart parking lots because they want to be told they are beautiful.

It all makes sense now, doesn't it?

Thanks for your continued work to seek justice in this unjust world, Mr. BI Dump.

Now, join me in banning Wal-mart forever.

Wow! Who gave me a roofie?

By Blogger Madame Agent, at 5:58 PM  

Vancouver doesn't even have a Walmart! Plenty of date rape, but the Walmarts are in the burbs.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:07 PM  

I can think of more reasons than that chart to avoid walmart.

Vancouver as no. 2 is shocking (eventhough I don't actually get the graph).

By Blogger rawbean, at 7:01 PM  

Belligerent Dump Man:

That graph makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If I go to Google Trends and type in IBM and Enema, will it produce a similar graph? And what will it show? The number of IBM execs who give enemas? Receive enemas?

My pea brain hurts.

Word verification: zodkers.

By Blogger Leezer, at 8:24 PM  

Anon: depends on what you define as Vancouver. There are definately some around (North Van for instance)

By Blogger Cheeseburger, at 9:39 PM  

Quit ruining my racket.

By Blogger Alex Fritz, at 5:34 AM  

I avoid Wal Mart like the plague. In fact I don't think anyone could possibly pay me enough money to step one foot inside that God-forsaken hell hole.

By Blogger Jenni, at 9:21 AM  

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