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Wednesday, July 5

Montreal, The France Of The North: A Prologue

Because nothing is more exciting than a post detailing what you will be posting in the future, I’ve decided to break up the epic Montreal trip into a series of vignettes, which I believe is, appropriately enough, a French word meaning “abbreviated insights into ordinary lives presented in such a way as to make even the most trivial aspect seem profound.” Ah, the French. With their cigarettes and their body odor. Always so intense.

So as soon as I dig myself out of this pile of work I’ll start the vignettes. I don’t know how soon that will be though because one of my bosses just learned what a PDF is and how you can turn things into a PDF, and now he has coined the verb “PDF it.” As in: (handing me a letter) “What do you think, should we PDF it?”

Theoretically, this could go on for years.

P.S. Check out the menu options on the Montreal tourist website:

With one errant click, Dad could really screw up plans for his family’s Christmas vacation to Montreal.



I'm not sure PD-Effing has made our lives any easier. Just sayin.

Looking forward to hearing how the French Canadians impressed you, or otherwise.

Welcome home.

By Blogger Leezer, at 12:11 PM  

You should tell your boss to PDF himself. That's what I would...not do.

What if a gay family wants to go to Montreal for Christmas?! Which trip do they select?!

By Blogger FlippingChipmunk, at 12:29 PM  

hey.. sure the gay thing is funny.. Language is in constant evolution, let the Pdf-ing be.. maybe in a few years, it will be really common.

For me, french speaker a "vignette" is simply a tag.. but I love the way you put it. :)

By Anonymous Raï, at 12:59 PM  

LOL - that is hilarious!!! I'm going to go check those out. I've been wanting to plan a gay family christmas retreat this December - I hope they can accomodate my needs!

Sidenote: If you need any info. about making PDFs for professional printing (even though it sounds like at least YOU know what you're doing), email me - I deal with that stuff in my job...

By Blogger liberalbanana, at 1:05 PM  

It's just wonderfully amazing when bosses discover things for the first time. They're geniuses.

One of my events (I'm an event planner, so in essence I have a new boss every month or so) was for a store whose owner had just discovered Splenda. Splenda had to go in every drink, every dessert--ever have a Splenda Caipirinha? There were about 400 of them with just one sip removed, so you could have had your pick a few months back. Delicious! (in a cloying, chemical, jaw-puckering, throat-closing kind of way).

By Blogger BabsieD, at 2:05 PM  

Gay family christmas... that takes me back.

By Blogger p_is_for_payj, at 2:24 PM  

"Ah the French. With their cigarettes and their body odor"

You're thinking Paris french, not Quebec french (though I'm sure there are exceptions as every culture seems to have its own stinky people).


By Blogger Cheeseburger, at 4:14 PM  

Gay Fanily Christmas? Didn't they live next door to the Waltons?

By Blogger Mollypalooza, at 12:01 AM  

Doncha just love it when a computer-illiterate boss learns a new techie phrase? It's so cute how they think it's so cute....until they say it for the 9 millionth time and you can't take it any more, so you grab your stapler (a red Swingline, of course) and beat him/her to death with it.

By Anonymous Bird Girl, at 3:16 AM  

I remember i was at an awards thing and this lady was presenting an award to someone and kept using the word "vignette." and then finally, the guy came up to get his award and starts off by saying "I have no idea what 'vignette' means."

By Blogger TCho, at 1:37 PM  

This is the best idea EVER! You are the master of creating repeat traffic by promising oh so much more in the days to come.

Good luck with the PDFs. Sheesh.

By Blogger babyoog, at 2:28 PM  

One of my bosses does that too! EVERYTHING has to be converted to a PDF and saved that way. No file is good enough until it is ALSO a PDF. Also, I am sure once it is PDF-ed he never looks at it again.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:20 AM  

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