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Tuesday, August 22

Not Letting The Terrorists Win!

So I’ve been reading the series of articles at CNN entitled “In The Footsteps of Bin Laden,” which has been updated daily under the slogan “Know Your Enemy.” I think it’s extremely important work CNN is doing in keeping the American people informed as to the biggest threat to their freedom and democ–


Like I was saying, in the war on terror, it is vital that we, as leaders of the free world, remain educated on the key figures involved in what has become one of the most unsettling and potential catastrophic times in the history of the wo–


Because as much as we would like to believe “It could never happen to me,” people all around the world are falling victim to terrorist acts, and after 9/11 the United States in no longer insulated from the violence. The more we know and understand, as a society, about the terrorist leaders and their political agendas, the more we can do in our everyday lives to protect ourselves and the ones we lov–



Is it just me? Or does anyone else have a craving for chinese food right now? `

By Blogger HomeImprovementNinja, at 12:21 PM  

I think you have a valid point. The American public seems too distracted with unimportant events which can lead to a lapse of jud-


By Anonymous dave, at 12:21 PM  

Breaks like that MIGHT just make TV news palateable. Maybe. Ok, maybe not.

By Blogger Andrew, at 12:53 PM  

great. you know what they're going to do now, dontcha?

you just put millions of kittens at risk of beheading with your attempt to be 'funny.'

a catwa, i believe they call it.

By Blogger ducklet, at 1:01 PM  

This isn't all your posting today, right? It's entirely lost on those of us who can't watch videos at work and we still need our fix!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:32 PM  

Cute kitten. Not as cute as MY kitten, but still...

(Also, I was totally tempted to make a dirty comment, take it down the "loving kitty" line or this is what dies when you masturabate line, but I decided not to taint the video.)

By Blogger Rebecca, at 1:37 PM  

That was well done...I like the way I thought you were gonna tell me somethin and then instead you showed me somethin else...and then you did it again...and then you did it...again.
You just can never get tired of seeing a kitten almost do an exhaust ridden face-plant...awww...

By Blogger JP, at 1:44 PM  

You know why that kitty won't let himself fall asleep? He has to stay awake to fight the war on terror! We're on the orange threat level, damn it!

By Blogger Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, at 2:05 PM  

If only kittens had souls. Instead, that kitten is going to grow up to someday get in the way of two friends living together after one friends girlfriend moves to california and leaves the cat in New York, and the other friends landlord doesnt allow pets. Than the first friend will move into a dump in brooklyn with roaches the size of birds...

By Blogger My Novelty Organ, at 3:22 PM  

Will you please marry me?

By Blogger Carrie Broadshoulders, at 3:47 PM  

I'm with c.b. You're so funny, man. Has anyone told you how funny you are lately? How does one's brain come up with stuff like this? You know what? I don't care. I just thank GOD it happens.

Thank you, God, for The Daily Dump. You have made my life complete.

By Blogger Faith, at 3:54 PM  

Ok, so am I the only kitten-loving schmuck who watched all three videos?... and was dumb enough to be surprised each time that it was the same video?

By Blogger undercover celebrity, at 5:26 PM  

Ok, so am I the only kitten-loving schmuck who watched all three videos?... and was dumb enough to be surprised each time that it was the same video?

OhThankGod!... I didn't watch the second two - I was afraid something bad was going to happen to the kitty. Plus, dial-up sucks for video.

Funny blog :).

By Blogger Tatterdemallion, at 11:39 PM  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47 PM  

its facism now ... not terrorism. did you miss the memo?

By Blogger rainmansuite, at 11:29 AM  

lol classic buddy just classic...

By Blogger SAILOR MOON, at 4:08 PM  

I'm from Indonesia and terrorism has been th-


Kittens are indeed the greatest threat of all. Humans, you've been warned.

By Anonymous Marisa, at 6:42 PM  

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